Parish Walks

We are lucky to live in a wonderful Parish and have devised some circular walking routes for you to enjoy its beauty, variety, and history.

To assist you on your walk, use Explore Somerset to view a detailed map showing paths, gates, styles etc. If you come across an issue with a route, please use their reporting tool to let the County Council know.


There is parking at Fivehead Village Hall which is handy for most walks. If you are walking in Swell, there are a couple of lay-bys or the RSPB Reserve car park at Swell Wood. Please park respectfully and don’t obstruct access or driveways. Please see the parking map for locations.


The Crown Inn, Fivehead is located at the centre of the village and The Bell Inn is just 2 miles away in Curry Mallet.

The Stable Coffee Shop – bottom of Butchers Hill, Fivehead serves the most wonderful cakes and coffees/teas.  Closed on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays.

Your safety

Please follow the Country Code, stick to the path, and be tick aware on your walk. We are a rural, agricultural community, please respect this and always keep dogs under control and close gates behind you. You may encounter livestock on some of the walks, please be careful.

All footpaths are maintained by landowners and monitored by our Footpath Volunteers. Some paths are uneven and, being on the Somerset Levels, can be very wet and muddy. Walks 1 and 5 follow Stillbrook track, which is a section of streambed which can be very slippery.

All walkers using these paths and/or parking at the suggested locations, do so at their own risk.

Dog walkers

You have a responsibility to keep your dog(s) under control at all times. If your dog does not recall every time, and does not stick to the path like you do, then it should be on a lead. If a farmer/landowner asks you to control your dog on the path, please do so. This is their workplace and should be respected as such.

There are 3 dog waste bins in Fivehead (Swell Lane, Stowey Lane and Stillbrook Road). Leaving dog waste is not acceptable. Our farmers have suffered livestock losses due to diseases picked up from dog waste.

Please do not spoil our countryside, it’s there to be enjoyed by everyone.

Thanks to our Parish Paths volunteers, Somerset County Council and the Parish Online team for helping to produce the walks, we hope you enjoy them. Click on the icons below for maps, descriptions and pictures.

All 7 Parish Walks
Stillbrook & Fivehead 5.8km
Swell & Fivehead 9.8km
Isle Moor & Isle Abbotts 5.8km
Moortown 3.3km
Parish of Fivehead & Swell 12.9km
Swell & Burton Woods 5.5km
Fivehead River 2.4km

If you spot any errors on the maps or instructions, please let us know!