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Somerset Rivers Authority (SRA) Annual Report 2020-21

The SRA’s Annual Report for 2020-21 has just been published highlighting the SRA’s many achievements over the past 12 months.  It also covers progress on some bigger themes and projects since the devastating floods of 2013-14. Hundreds of places across Somerset have benefitted from extra flood protection and resilience works funded by the SRA.  Everyone in … Read more

Help with research into Flooding on The Levels

A final year student at the University of Plymouth is carrying out research for a dissertation on ‘Public perceptions of increased flood risk on the Somerset levels based on 100-year sea level rise and rainfall predictions.’ Due to the current restrictions, it is difficult to travel and distribute the questionnaire, so help from local people … Read more

Mapping our parish and our walks

We were successful in our application for a health and well-being grant from Somerset County Council last Autumn. The purpose of the grant was to prepare new maps of our parish and the local walks to encourage everyone to get out more. Work has progressed on the walk maps and we now have some volunteers … Read more

Public Rights of Way remain open ahead of vegetation cut

Somerset County Council is continuing to ensure that any path safety issues are investigated and resolved as soon as possible during the coronavirus emergency. Public rights of way within Somerset have remained open during the lockdown, with path users advised to follow the Countryside Code and Public Health England guidance regarding social distancing. Councillor John … Read more