Planning Applications

All planning applications and related documents (including comments by the Parish Council) can be viewed online on the South Somerset District Council (SSDC) website

Open the site and either do a general search on Fivehead or, for a specific application, type in the application number and you can view the application and proposed plans. 

Members of the Public are encouraged to view applications. 

Everyone has the right to comment on most types of planning application. You do not need to have received a notification letter or email from SSDC to do so. You can support, object, or make general comments about an application, however, only planning issues (known as Material Considerations) can be taken into account. For details of what can be considered a planning issue, visit the Planning Portal website.

You can either submit your views direct to SSDC using this link: or you can send comments to the Parish Council (see below).

Planning applications will normally be included on the agenda for the monthly Parish Council meeting or, exceptionally, at a separate Planning meeting if timescales or the level of Public interest require it. All these meetings are open to the Public.

March 2020 – COVID-19 Emergency Operating Procedures (approved 20 March 2020) include:   (c) The authority to decide the council’s response to planning applications be delegated to the Clerk in consultation with the Chairman and Vice Chairman of council. Whenever possible, members of the council will be informed of applications out for consultation and will be invited to submit comments to the Clerk. 

Whilst the Emergency Operating Procedures are in force, details of new and amended planning applications will be posted on the website and notified using the Village email. In line with government instructions, the Parish Council may decide to hold an online meeting of the full Parish Council (details to follow).