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Fivehead Parish Council is made up of 7 Councillors elected by the electors of the parish. Each serves for a period of 5 years, unless re-elected for further periods of 5 years. Its Chairman is elected annually by the other council members.

The Register of Interests for all Councillors can be seen here




Kate Beacham



6 Ganges Close

Tel. 01460 281414

Contact Kate here


I have lived in Fivehead for over 30 years. I retired from the Civil Service in 2008. I was born in County Durham and previously worked for Durham County Council and the NHS then joined the staff at the Dept of Employment, Taunton when I moved to Fivehead in 1981. I married my husband Leslie in 1974. My interests include travelling, reading, cooking and doing crossword puzzles as well as playing skittles for the local pub team. I have served on the Parish Council since 2007, becoming Chair in 2016.


–  Parish Council Chair

–  Staffing Panel

Laura Howard

Vice Chair

The Old Manse

Tel. 01460 282911

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I was born and brought up in rural Yorkshire, so I am a country person at heart but spent my working life in London. I moved to Fivehead with my husband on my retirement in 2008. Previously I was an active member of a Crime Prevention Panel, helping the young, particularly during the holidays and also protecting the old and the vulnerable. I was also on the Committee of the “Friends of Battersea Park”, ensuring a safe environment for all, be it Mums with prams, dog walkers, organised games such as cricket and football and concerts in the park. I hope to bring a level-headed, common sense approach to affairs of the village, which in our short time here I have grown to know and love.


–  Cemetery Sub-Committee

–  Internal Audit


Mike King

Bramley View

Tel:  01460 281909

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Now retired from full-time employment, I have time to help our local community.  My previous experience as a local Parish clerk, for the Parishes of Ilton, Beercrocombe and Curry Mallet, will hopefully also be helpful, as well as my commercial experience.  I have run my own Crowd Safety training business, helping clients attain various levels of NVQ, drawing on personal experience from when I was employed by the Rugby Football Union, as a manager involved in crowd control, for 18 years.

Before moving to Isle Brewers in 2002,  I was a Metropolitan Police Officer for 30 years, and during the last nine years of service, I was a senior union representative.  Whilst living in London, I was also a parent governor of a school for children with special needs.  My wife, Penny, and I are now enjoying retired life in Fivehead.
Dave Braddock

24 Ganges Close

Tel: 07902 860648

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Originally from Surrey, I married Mary in 2003 and came to live in Fivehead in 2020. We both fell in love with the village instantly and want to be a part of  village life.

I had 32-plus years in the water industry before retiring. I have been interested in nature and conservation for over 50 years and I have been a conservation volunteer for the last 25 or so years.

I am still volunteering in Fivehead, helping to keep the footpaths clear. I spend quite a lot of time planting and looking after Langford Corner and any other conservation jobs that need doing around the village. I do like a good chat! You will most probably bump into me while I am out and about doing nature surveys around the village, especially bat surveys at night.

There is a lot of pressure on the rural countryside at present and I hope to use my skills to try and help make it sustainable, taking into consideration the needs of the local community. I wanted to live in a local village community, and it is only right that I try to give something back.


– Environment – Co-Chair of Environment Working Group (Green Group) / Fivehead Fixers


Christina Munday

Cathanger Manor

Tel: 01460 281589 / 07515533860

Contact Christina here

Born in Yorkshire, I grew up in Chester. After university, I moved to London to train as an accountant and later worked in design and marketing. I quit to bring up my family, supporting my husband, Jonathan, who was an NHS GP in Pimlico. During this time I helped local charities and initiated two consecutive Jubilee Street parties for our neighbourhood.

Following his retirement, we moved to Fivehead last year and immediately fell in love with the village and its surrounding countryside. I have a Cocker Spaniel puppy who is helping to make us feel even more at home in this beautiful bit of England. I am a trustee to an arts-based charity and enjoy reading, cooking, walking my dog and entertaining my two young grandchildren.


Bruce Ferguson

Poolhayes, Swell

Tel. 01460 250138

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I moved to the village with my wife, Lorna, just over five years ago, from South Wales.  I am keen to bring some of my experience and skills from the NHS, working as a clinician, and in
managerial and executive roles to help the community. I believe strongly that the health of an individual is interconnected to the health of the environment they live in and I am enjoying getting involved with local plans.Responsibilities
– Parish Council representative on Playing Field / Village Hall Committees and Defibrillator Group


Robert (Rob) Wynn


Tel. 01460 281288

Contact Rob here

Originally from Devon, I moved to Fivehead in 2008 with my wife and youngest daughter and have two grown up children living away from home following their own careers. I have worked in the water industry in operational and environmental management for over 34 years and currently work as a freelance consultant in that sector. I’m also employed as a director of a Human Resources and Training company.

Since moving to Fivehead we’ve enjoyed the facilities, the countryside, taking part in events and meeting the people that form this parish community. I started serving on the Parish Council in 2017. My interests include natural history, fly fishing, cooking (especially outdoors!) and activities that get you outside in this fantastic part of the country.

Environment – Co-Chair of Environment Working Group (Green Group)

Jayne Parsons

Parish Clerk

Tel. 07432 275954

Contact Jayne here

Originally from Cornwall, I have lived in Somerset with my husband and two daughters since 2006.  Alongside bringing up my family, I have enjoyed a career in internal communications for a large law firm for over 15 years.

Now firmly settled into rural life, I enjoy walking my dog in the lovely countryside. I have been involved in various community projects, including helping to set up and run High Ham Toddler group, and fundraising for the preschool. I enjoy using my skills and work experience to support Fivehead Parish Council and the local community.


–  Parish Council Clerk

–  Highways Liaison

For further information on the Parish Council, please contact the Parish Clerk:


Tel: 01458 253283

Address for correspondence only: 

White Lias House, Turnhill Road, High Ham, TA10 9DF