• Aerial view of Fivehead

Welcome to the Parish Council Website for Fivehead and Swell

Welcome to the Fivehead and Swell Parish Council website designed to update residents and visitors with the latest news about village facilities, developments, events and how you can get involved in our community.

There are currently links to various village amenities, community groups and external organisations. If villagers wish to include links to other relevant organisations then please send requests to the Webmaster using the Contact Us form. The aim is to involve as many people and groups as possible within the village and surrounding area, so that the site is constantly used and becomes the focal communication point for all activities and information. In order to achieve this, it requires regular updating and people prepared to provide information.

The website will be regularly updated. If anything you see is incorrect or of concern to you, we want to know about it. Please contact the Webmaster using the Contact Us form. Please note: the What’s On calendar is not correct as it has not been amended to reflect the COVID-19 cancellations.