Help keep Somerset bus services

Somerset Bus Partnership has been campaigning to improve Somerset’s bus services for nearly 3 years. We are probably the most active bus user group in the country.  However, we now need money to help fund our next campaign and to produce the marketing materials.  As the £2 fare has been extended to December 2024, we need … Read more

Creating Places for People – make your views heard

Somerset Council is carrying out a public consultation on a set of planning policy principles that would steer new development in Somerset.  This is also an opportunity for all bus users to influence planning policy and ensure that new developments encourage the use of sustainable transport, rather than relying on the assumption that everyone uses … Read more

Reduction in No 54 bus service – how do you feel?

Buses of Somerset introduced a number of service changes on 4 February 2018 to ‘help the business ensure its long-term sustainability, as well as better matching the level of service with passenger demand’. The service 54 timetable has been revised between Monday and Saturday to run every 90 minutes instead of every hour. Timetables are at … Read more