Can you help our local primary school?

Our designated local primary school, Curry Rivel Church of England Primary is asking for your help.

The school is due to open to more pupils aged four, five and ten/eleven on June 1st. This, in itself, will pose massive strategic and logistical problems, despite the rigorous planning and preparation  the school has put in place.

The World Health Organisation has said that as many lessons as possible should be held in the open air to reduce the risk of infection, especially for the younger children. At Curry Rivel we have sufficient open space for this to happen, but in hot weather we do not have sufficient shade to protect pupils learning outside.

We are asking if anyone has a gazebo or large sun-shade that they could donate to the school to facilitate outdoor learning and protect the children. We can try to return your gazebo eventually, but, in these uncertain times, it would be easier if you could regard this as a gift to the children rather than a loan. If you are able to help us with a gift, or a donation towards a gazebo, in lieu, please contact the school directly:

  • Either by e-mail at:

  • Or by phone from Thursday 28th May on 01458 251404.

Thank you.

Dave Cameron

Governor, Curry Rivel Primary School