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Hi I’m Ant of AMG Total Fitness, for us it’s all about inclusivity when it comes to health and fitness.

We have a superbly well equipped private fitness and PT studio based in the gorgeous village of Fivehead, Somerset.

Our goal is to ensure that you achieve yours, whilst enjoying it and having FUN along the way.

We offer 1 to 1 personal training, couples training and small group training from our superbly well equipped PT studio gym and also offer a variety of fitness classes in various venues and halls in the local area.

Whatever your health or fitness needs we work together to achieve them, from training plans, training sessions, fitness classes, nutrition advice including calorie and macronutrient calculations to check ins or just a simple free consultation and some helpful advice.

Look out for us running round the village from time to time, and don’t forget to say hello 👋 just don’t take offence if we huff, puff and sometimes grunt back! 😄


Be sure to head over to our Facebook page @AMGTotalFitness to keep up to date on all offers, tips and advice.

Also contact us via:

Tel/Text: 07931086849

Hope to see you soon

Stay Fit, Healthy and Happy
AMG Total Fitness