Village History

Why ‘Fivehead’

Fivehead is mentioned in the Domesday Book (1086) as ‘Fifehide’, meaning ‘five hides’ from the Old English fif and hid. A hide is about 120 acres of land. (For a fuller description of Fivehead and its history, see the ‘Village History’ page).

Fivehead Today

Today there are over 600 residents occupying some 270 dwellings. In the past the village was largely dependent on agriculture, but modernisation and changes in farming methods has led to many farms being sold off.

Although many residents now commute to school or work, community spirit remains high on everyone’s list of priorities. Organised social functions and youth activities are important aspects of rural life with our three churches, the Village Hall, and The Crown Inn all playing their part in making Fivehead what it is, a traditional village where people relax away from the stresses and strains of modern living.


You can find out a little more about our history here.