Vacancy on the Parish Council – would you like to fill it?

There were 6 nominations to fill the 7 Parish Council seats so there is a vacancy that will be filled by co-opting a suitable candidate at the next meeting on 7 May 2019.

Some details are given below:
  • Must be UK citizen or qualifying Commonwealth or EU citizen
  • 18 years of age and:
  • Is and continues to be a local government elector for the area of the authority; or
  • Has during the whole of the 12 months preceding that day occupied as owner or tenant any land or
    other premises in that area; or
  • His or her principal place of work during that 12 months has been in that area; or
  • Has during the whole of those 12 months resided in that area or within three miles of it
  • Holding any paid office or employment to which he or she has been appointed by the council (excludes office of chairman and vice chairman)
  • He or she is the subject of a bankruptcy restrictions order, an interim bankruptcy restrictions order, a
    debt relief restrictions order of an interim debt relief restrictions order
  • Has within five years before the day of election or since his or her election been convicted of any
    offence and sentenced to a term of imprisonment of at least three months (whether suspended or not)
    without the option of a fine
  • He or she has been found guilty of corrupt or illegal practices or was responsible for incurring unlawful expenditure and a court orders disqualification

Please contact the Clerk (01460 281902 or if you are interested in applying or have any queries.