The Local Heritage List webinar – 27 April 2022

You are invited to join a free webinar to hear more about a chance to shape our built heritage. It takes place via Zoom on 27 April 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm.

Event Details

A FREE online event is providing a chance for local people to find out more about local listing. Join us for talks and demonstrations about how local listing is helping to shape and protect the built heritage of Somerset and how to make a nomination.

What is the Local Heritage List?

The Local Heritage List helps to protect buildings, sites and structures that local people regard as important. Anyone can have a say in deciding what’s valuable to their community by nominating a site. Nominations might feature rare materials or historical connections and could be anything from a factory to a front doorstep or a postbox and historic landscape.  Places where important events took place, or where minority identities are celebrated, are also promising candidates. The key thing is that the site matters to the life and culture of the local community.

Somerset and Exmoor National Park is one of 22 national pilots for a Local Heritage List project. You can read more about local listing here.