Telephone Fraud Alert – Amazon

Two people in the village recently received telephone calls from a person saying they were from ‘Amazon’ informing them that their Amazon Prime trial was ending and they were about to take some money out of their account. £79.95 was one figure mentioned.

Both recipients said that nobody in their house had signed up for Amazon Prime.

The caller then suggested that their PC had been compromised and he could fix it if they downloaded TeamViewer onto their PC. This would enable the caller to check their machine.  Fortunately, neither recipient was able to download Teamviewer and no fraud was executed.

For information, Teamviewer is a legitimate software tool to enable remote diagnosis of another’s PC, but can be used for illegitimate purposes, such as fraud. Never grant access to your PC via Teamviewer or similar software unless you know the person you are speaking to and want them to examine your PC.

Thanks to Steve Cutts for the information.