Talking Cafes are back!

CCS (the Community Council for Somerset) are delighted to announce Talking Cafes are starting up again! Not in the physical sense, as sadly venues are still closed, but you can access the same invaluable help and support from the comfort of your own home through a new Facebook Live stream beginning 14th May.

Before the Coronavirus lockdown, CCS Agents were running over 20 Talking Cafes across Somerset, where, since 2018, thousands of people have accessed vital information and advice that helped ease problems in their day to day lives – from helping with benefits, housing issues, being an unpaid Carer, supplying food boxes, helping people find the right support with health concerns and much, much more. They were also fantastic social hubs for people, creating new friendships and hobby circles.
Using Facebook Live, Talking Cafes will now be interactive streaming events where people can ask CCS Agents and other agencies questions in the comments, with Agents answering live and calling in advice from other colleague online at the same time. Like the physical Talking Cafes CCS Agents are hoping to help many people on the spot rather than people having to wait for appointments or a phone call.
Go to to set a reminder to listen in and take part!