Free fraud webinars

Do you want to know more about fraud? Join the SWROCU Regional Fraud Protect Advisor for a one hour fraud safety webinar at 7pm, 18th July 2022 covering all aspects of the most common crime in the UK. Link to all events: Regional Fraud Protect Advisor Events | Eventbrite

Updated advice to avoid scams

The 5th edition of The Little Book of Big Scams has just been released, which has a host of useful information and it is highly recommended to save a copy for future reference and pass it on to others.  This information has been circulated by Avon and Somerset Police. Click here to download a copy

Bogus Workmen and Burglary

Please take time to read this, we’ve had a crime in the Village you need to be aware of. One of our older residents had a cold caller offer to do work on their house yesterday afternoon (Monday 9th July). The fee that was paid was far and above what is reasonable; please be clear, … Read more