Somerset Rivers Authority (SRA) Annual Report 2020-21

The SRA’s Annual Report for 2020-21 has just been published highlighting the SRA’s many achievements over the past 12 months.  It also covers progress on some bigger themes and projects since the devastating floods of 2013-14.

Hundreds of places across Somerset have benefitted from extra flood protection and resilience works funded by the SRA.  Everyone in Somerset is affected directly or indirectly by issues with flooding, so the SRA invests in a wide range of actions countywide to reduce flood risks and increase local resilience when floods do occur.

To download a copy of the summary report, please click here.  For the full report, or to view section by section, you can click here.

For any queries, please contact Somerset Rivers Authority on or 01823-355111.

Somerset Rivers Authority Annual Report 2020-21 summary version for emailing