Planning consultation by developer

Message from Fivehead Parish Council:
At the Parish Council meeting on 6 July 2020, Members noted that the developer of the proposed development to the North of Ganges Close intends to consult with the local community prior to submission of a planning application. He has stated that comments received will be considered in the preparation of the application. He has confirmed that a letter explaining the consultation has been sent to properties in Ganges Close, Ganges Hill and Butchers Hill. A copy of the letter sent to the Chair of the Parish Council is below – it includes this link to the consultation website. You may wish to respond to the consultation noting the website’s Privacy Policy.
If, and when, a planning application is submitted to the Local Planning Authority, the Parish Council will discuss at a meeting and respond. The arrangements for ensuring Public participation in this meeting will be considered nearer the time and will, obviously, have to take account of any government restrictions on meeting numbers.