Planning application – The Crown Inn

Planning applications are included on the agenda for the monthly Parish Council meetings, or, exceptionally, at a separate Planning meeting, if timescales, or the level of Public interest require it. All meetings are open to the Public and due to Covid 19 are currently being held online, using Zoom.

At the next meeting on Monday 5 October, the Parish Council will be considering the following:

Planning Application number 20/02475/COU

What is proposed? Change of use of Public House (Use Class A4) to residential dwelling (Use Class


Where is it proposed? Crown Inn, Ganges Hill, Fivehead, Taunton

Here is a link to the planning documents on the South Somerset District Council (SSDC) website, where you can make any comments before 5pm on 4 November 2020 (updated 8/10/20).

If you wish to send any comments to the Parish Council regarding this application, please email them to by 4pm on 5 October 2020. If you would like to join the next meeting, please contact the Clerk for details: