Message from Fivehead Parish Council – Remembrance Sunday

We recognise the importance of marking Remembrance Sunday, but the safety of our community is paramount, especially for those of us who are more vulnerable to infection.

There will be a service going ahead at Fivehead; however, as per Government instructions and to keep numbers to a minimum, only the following people are legally permitted to attend:

• people attending as part of their work (such as local councillors, local faith leaders, the local MP)
• people attending in a voluntary capacity on behalf of a recognised organisation
• members of the armed forces
• veterans of the armed forces, and/or their representatives or carers

The event organisers will be ensuring the following Govt. safety measures are followed, including;

• social distancing
• wearing of face masks
• reduced numbers and a shortened service
• held outside only
• names & addresses recorded for Track & Trace

Members of the public are legally permitted to stop and watch the event as spectators, but the space by the War Memorial is limited and the Village Green will be out of bounds except for those laying wreaths and conducting the service.

So please do consider if you can mark this important occasion in another way, such as watching the ceremony at the Cenotaph in London on TV and/or laying a cross/wreath at our Memorial at a later time as part of your daily exercise, but observing social distancing and maybe wearing a mask. If you do attend and spectate, you will need to comply with all safety measures listed above.

Please do mark this important occasion, but the safety of our Parishioners and their families is the most important thing. Those who gave so much would not want people becoming ill just for the sake of an event, no matter how solemn and important it is.

Thank you for your understanding and please stay safe.

Kate Beacham
Chair, Fivehead Parish Council