Bogus Workmen and Burglary

Please take time to read this, we’ve had a crime in the Village you need to be aware of.

One of our older residents had a cold caller offer to do work on their house yesterday afternoon (Monday 9th July). The fee that was paid was far and above what is reasonable; please be clear, this is a crime. Unfortunately these cold callers can be very convincing – just remember, you do not have to even talk to anyone calling at your door. Unless you are expecting someone to call, please have the confidence to say ‘no thank you’, or better still ignore them. If they hassle you or don’t leave, call the Police, using 999 if necessary. Virtually no legitimate company does door to door sales anymore, so please do not engage with them. Please follow the link below to the advice from the Police.


Unfortunately, it is believed the same people who cold called our resident, then came back overnight and burgled the house. Please make sure your house and if possible, your garden are secure, especially in this warm weather, where the temptation is to leave doors/windows open. If you need crime prevention advice, have a look at the Police website or contact Parish Councillor Pip Brett (01460 281115)


If you see someone out of the ordinary and you are not sure about them, please don’t be afraid to call the Police. Yes, the Police has limited resources, but they would much rather find these people before they commit any more offences, rather than chasing around after crimes that have already happened. Please look out for your neighbours too in case they haven’t seen this message.

Many thanks

Pip Brett
Parish Councillor