Somerset Waste Partnership Sorted! – October 2016 e-newsletter

SORTED! October 2016 e-newsletter

SPECIAL EDITION: this is a one-off special edition of SORTED! after problems with our email system. If this duplicates a SORTED! you have already received, our apologies.

This month we again focus on the introduction of the new free permit scheme for recycling site access by small vans, pick-ups, and cars towing single-axle trailers.


  • Can you have a waste-free Halloween?
  • Avoid kerbside mountains of cardboard
  • Sign-up as a Somerset Food Champion

Recycling site permits rush

If you or a member of your household use a trailer, van or pick-up when you visit Somerset’s recycling centres but have not yet applied for a free permit, it is time to get yours ordered.

The measures aim to cut congestion, improve services and enhance safety at recycling sites, where visit numbers have jumped to approaching 1.6m a year.

Permits are free, bright orange, look like a credit card, take one minute to apply for, and last until 30 September 2019. They must be displayed clearly on the dashboard on every recycling site visit so staff can easily see them.

The new measures will help speed up the process of waste disposal and cut congestion as hard-to-manoeuvre, space-taking trucks and bigger trailers, and non-Somerset residents, cannot get a permit.

The vast majority of site users, who visit with a car without a trailer, do not need to apply for a permit and can carry on using their local recycling sites as normal.

Among excluded vehicles are vans with trailers, pick-ups with trailers, vans over 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight, box vans, Luton vans, horseboxes, tractors and other agricultural vehicles.

To help make your visit to a recycling site even quicker, sort everything in advance and make use of the quieter times, which are early weekday mornings or between 4pm-7pm at the 11 Monday night sites.

For details, including vehicles affected, what business users must do, hire vehicle rules, and to apply, go to: No access to the internet, or need assistance? Pop into your local library, which can help you apply.

When applying for a permit, an emailed and downloadable confirmation means sites can be used temporarily for up to 21 days until the permit arrives.

A quick checklist of the new measures – from 8am on Monday 3 October, people bringing in household waste …

  • … need a free permit to use a single-axle trailer with a car or to use a van or a pick-up (without a trailer).
  • … do not need a permit for a car – estate, 4×4, people carrier, campervan – that is not towing a trailer.
  • … can only apply for permits if they live at a residential address in Somerset.
  • … will not be able to use a Luton van, box van, horsebox, multi-axle trailer, tractor, vehicle over 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight, or trailer more than 3 metres floor length.
  • … with a hire van or trailer, must contact recycling site staff on arrival before unloading and show their proof of short term (up to three days) hire.
  • … with a permit, can use recycling sites on weekdays and only 1pm to 4pm Saturdays at weekends.

Keep your Halloween frights down to one night

Halloween on 31 October is fast approaching. Spooky fun but the festival of ghosts and ghouls increases waste buried in landfill. How can you have a family-friendly fright night, but not leave your wheelie bin trembling at your wasteful ways?

  • Save the flesh and seeds from your carving pumpkin.  There are great recipe ideas available from Love Food Hate Waste or Hubbub.
  • After its work is done, give your pumpkin a second life by adding it to your compost bin to turn it into free garden compost.  If you do not compost at home, put the shell (without candle) into your food waste bin, where it will be taken to our anaerobic digester to become electricity and farm compost.
  • Use old clothing, items from scrapstores and bits and pieces from around your home rather than buying one-use new outfits for your Halloween costumes.
  • Remember to recycle drink and food cans, plastic bottles and clean aluminium foil from your Halloween parties.

Kerbside cardboard collections

With pre-Christmas sales around the corner, not to mention the new peak shopping times of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, our kerbside recycling crews are gearing up for mountains of cardboard.

Please do not overload your service.  Once the cardboard container on a truck becomes full, the vehicle has to go back to the depot to off-load, even if the other material collection pods – known as stillages – are empty.

This can lead to delays, potential missed collections and disruptions to services. Please only present the equivalent of two kerbside boxes of cardboard.  Flatten boxes, and cut up large sheets, so they can be easily slotted into the cardboard container on the vehicles.

More than two recycling boxes of card? If you have space, put some out every week. If you have time and transport, drop it all off when passing a recycling site.

Could you be our next Somerset Food Champion?

Do you want to help cut down food waste in your community by joining the friendly and supportive Somerset Food Champion network, which helps families and makes a valuable contribution to the national Love Food Hate Waste campaign?

Somerset’s Food Champions scheme is expanding its network of volunteers who help local residents save money by wasting less food.  On average, UK households each throw away the equivalent of six meals every week so Somerset Food Champions can play a vital part in helping their community reduce their food waste.

You do not need to be a food or cooking expert to be a Food Champion, just keen to waste less, recycle more, save cash – and help others to do the same.

The next training events are in Taunton at Staplegrove Village Hall on Saturday 29 October, and in Shepton Mallet in the Committee Room of Mendip District Council Offices on Saturday 12 November.  Both events run from 10am to 4pm.

Booking is essential.  For more details and online booking, visit

NEXT MONTH: Latest on the new recycling sites permits scheme success.

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