PC Minutes – October 2014


Minutes of a meeting of the Fivehead Parish Council 

held at the Village Hall, Stowey Road Fivehead

on Monday 6th October  2014 at 8pm.


Mr M Cavill (Chairman)   Mrs N Cameron  Mrs L Jull   Mrs L Howard    Mr J Westworth   C. Cllr. D Yeomans (part) and Mrs M Knox (Clerk)


Apologies were received from Cllr. K Beacham, Dist. Cllr. S Steele and PCSO E Cave.


It was proposed LH sec. LJ to accept the minutes of the meeting, previously circulated, held on the 1st September 2014.These were taken as a true record of what took place and duly signed by the Chairman. Carried unan.


a) Friendly Society Banner. There was debate as to how to proceed with this project. LH was in favour of appliqueing the original onto a new backing and framing the result. The Clerk had pursued the reproduction flag approach but had been able to obtain only one quote which didn’t appear to meet requirements and was only just within the budget of £500. The formation of a small, say three or four person, committee to progress the matter was thought to be the best way forward. It was agreed to ask Mr O Howard if he would be prepared to represent St Martins. A representative from the Village hall committee to be sought as members thought if the banner is to remain full size it will have to be hung in the hall. KM should represent the Parish Council. LH would liaise with the Village Hall Committee. It was prop.MC sec. NC that a sub-committee be formed. Resolved. Carried unan.

b) Repairs to The Pound. The Clerk had met with Denise Day of the Probation Service. Although it was not possible for her to be specific in some points she was very much in favour of the project and subsequently emailed to say it had been agreed that personnel could be supplied at £30 +VAT per day (reduced from £50 pd). Heather Cook had been enthusiastic about the joint venture. She has yet to quote and quantify in a further quote what savings a workforce could make. It was thought that if manpower can be economically provided then it would be prudent to get the whole job done by taking money from reserves, allocated and otherwise. It was prop. LH sec. NC that the Clerk request a meeting with Ms Cook and ask what requires doing to secure The Pound.  Item for next agenda.

c) Speeding through the centre of the village. There was nothing to report. Clerk to contact PCSO. Item for next agenda.

d) Parking on Stowey Road which restricts the highway. MC raised the issue as it impacted on agricultural vehicles and potentially on large emergency vehicles. Clerk to write to residents in 6 – 10 The Glebe asking them to park considerately which means partially on the oversized pavement whilst leaving sufficient room for a pushchair to pass, this solution having been previously approved by Highways.


a)  From SSDC, Alasdair Bell re paperwork found on Butchers Hill. He is unable to account for this but it is probable that a Treasury appointed surveyor was sketching means to maximize the value of the land and dropped the papers. Any planning would have to go through the normal channels and Council would be informed in the usual way.

b) From South Somerset Together re invitation to a Housing Assembly on Thur. 23rd Oct. 16.30 – 18.30 at Brympton Way Yeovil. Noted. Nobody wished to attend. DY left the meeting.

c) From Dave Grabham re Speed Indicator report for A378 for August / September 2014. Noted.

d) From South West Resilience Campaign re update and request for written support. None to be given.

e) From Community Council for Somersetre invitation to Somerset Annual Community Buildings networking event on Thur. 23rd Oct. 10am – 4.30pm at Langford Budville.  Nobody wished to attend.

f) From Zac Drayton re the possibility of having a skate park at the playing field. Clerk to  respond expressing sympathy but in this financial climate further expenditure on our very well equipped playing field is not possible. Members commented that the facilities are underused and that children are playing football in the roads and running on the church walls. Playing in the churchyard is not acceptable.


a) Playing Field. Written report from KB.

d) Cemetery Sub Committee.  MC had been asked by Mr Pettitt to approve an additional bill for £70 for work in the cemetery over and above his quote. This was due to the excessive growth of grass at the rear of the cemetery which had to be collected and the need to burn up a large quantity of cut side growth. It was prop. MC sec. NC that the bill as listed on the agenda be paid. Resolved. Carried unan. Mr Pettitt had also asked for permission to cut back shrubs at the War Memorial Green. This should not incur more than two hours work. There may not be anyone living at Tudor Cottage to give approval so the work should be sympathetically done. It was prop. MC sec. NC that he be instructed to tidy the shrubs sensitively. Resolved. Carried unan.

e) Highways.  MK read out email from a resident of Langford Close which detailed efforts over eighteen months to have repaired by Highways a large hole at the entrance to The Close. MK to contact Highways and DY to be copied in on the emails. He had been informed of the issue before he left the meeting.

f) Rights of Way. MC had repaired the kissing gate on L11/2. On L11/51 the sides are impinging on the surface of the west section. There is no mechanical way to cut the hedges due to ditches narrowing the surface. Some manual work may be required.


Application: 14/03835/FUL Land at Ganges Hill Fivehead. The erection of a dwelling. No objections. Members would be pleased to see the site tidied up and the building completed.

Decisions granted (s.t.c.): 14/02672/FUL Ashgate The Old Forge Fivehead. Replacement Kennel, associated alteration works and extension to domestic curtilage.

14/02962/S73A Spruces, Cathanger Lane, Fivehead. Section 73A application to remove condition 4 of planning approval 96540 dated 09/08/1973 (Agricultural occupancy condition).


An interim statement had been circulated. A bank reconciliation was signed off by the Chairman.

a)     Payments authorised and instructed for signature at the meeting:

i)      Mrs M Knox                                            salary                                                  £265.05

ii)     Fivehead Village Hall MC                    rent August                                         £12

iii)    M.W. Pettitt                                            maint. Sept.                                        £346.82

iv)    M.W. Pettitt                                            addit. maint. Sept.                              £70

b)      Income received during the month:

v)     Master Plumber                                      nl advert                                              £36

vi)    P Fouracre                                               nl advert                                              £18

vii)   J Westworth                                            nl advert                                              £36

viii)  Stooks Memorials                                   re N. Price decd.                                 £78


a) Chairman. Email relating to defibrillator is of interest. The need for a Fist Aid course.

b) Clerk. Choice Stationery Supplies have ceased printing. This may impact on the cost of producing the village magazine.

The meeting closed at 9.20pm

Chairman                    Dated

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