PC Minutes – November 2014


Minutes of a meeting of the Fivehead Parish Council 

held at the Village Hall, Stowey Road Fivehead

on Monday 3rd November  2014 at 8pm.


Plans for the proposed 30mph scheme were available for public viewing from 7.45pm.

 Present   Mr M Cavill (Chairman)   Mrs K  Beacham   Mrs L Jull   Mrs L Howard      Mr K Male   Mr J Westworth    Dist. Cllr. S Steele   and Mrs M Knox (Clerk)


The subject was the plans for the proposed 30mph scheme on the A378. A member of the public raised concern about the crossing for pedestrians between the two central bus stops.


Apologies were received from Cllr. N Cameron and C. Cllr. D Yeomans.


It was proposed LJ sec. JW to accept the minutes of the meeting, previously circulated, held on the 6th October 2014.These were taken as a true record of what took place and duly signed by the Chairman. Carried unan.


a) Friendly Society Banner. KM agreed to Chair the committee and Mr Oliver Howard had agreed to be a member. MC would approach suggested persons to source a third member. The Clerk handed over a small paper file and would forward relevant emails.

b) Repairs to The Pound. Clerk had failed to make any progress as Ms Cook had not been able to quote as yet. Matter to be pursued.

c) Speeding through the centre of the village. PCSO E Cave had emailed to say a police presence had intermittently been provided which she felt had been effective. A motorbike traffic officer would also be asked to patrol. Member agreed there are issues of inappropriate speed in various sites through the lower village. MC would speak to Matravers Engineering asking that their workforce be asked to reduce their speed whilst travelling through the village.

d) Damage to the dog waste bin on the Isle Abbotts Road. MC would inspect and see if it could be repaired.

e) Raised by Chairman: i) Running a First Aid Course. SS suggested the Clerk ask Mr G Townrow what training he had organised for Curry Mallet. ii) Acquiring a defibrillator. There was no enthusiasm from members for purchasing a defibrillator. SS asked if there had been complaints from parishioners regarding slow times of attending ambulances. Negative.

f) Repair to hole in road at entrance to Langford Close. This has been inspected and is now on Highways’ schedule for repair.

g) Children playing in the churchyard. LJ had pursued this with the Baptist Minister who had undertaken to speak to the young people attending The Shed youth session on Thursday evenings. Councillors were most appreciative of his supportive approach.

h) To consider the adoption of a Social Media Policy. MC & KB would look at the model policy. Item for next agenda.

i) To consider SSDC’s Policy on the recording of meetings and the adoption of similar. MC & KB would look at this model policy with a view of amending it to fit. Item for next agenda.

j) To consider updating the Village Email List. A boxed “advert” urging parishioners to opt in, or out, of a village email list to be placed in the newsletter and on the website. Clerk to liaise with MC & KB over production.


a) From SCC re consultation on proposed works on A378, Fivehead. The plans were scrutinised by councillors and discussed. It was prop. KM sec. KB, carried unan. that the following submission was made with reference to comments from the public who had viewed the plans prior to the meeting: i) Heading west it would be appropriate for the 30mph scheme to start at the easterly “Fivehead” village sign. This would include within the scheme the Langford Lane turning, the difficult entrances to Swellwood House and Tanyard Farm (the latter being the site of several accidents). ii) At the bus stop on the north side of the road just east of Standerwick Lane the construction of a lay-by for the bus to pull into would greatly assist the safe passage of impatient car drivers. At times there is a waiting bus on both sides of the road heading in opposite directions and impatient drivers try to squeeze between them with inadequate visibility. iii) There is concern about the detail of the pedestrian crossing between the bus stops. It needs to be very clearly visible.

b) From CWGC re the placing of an advisory plaque at the entrance to the cemetery. See emailed photo. It was agreed that permission for a plaque should be given. There was concern over the appearance of the grave especially given receipt of £40 per year for maintenance. SS suggested the Clerk write to the CWGC asking for their suggestions as to how Council could improve the site.

c) From South Somerset CAB re invitation to attend opening of new premises event on Nov. 18th 5-7pm. No one wished to attend. SS said that the new manager was running a very efficient office.d) From Somerset Community Justice Partnership re informative email and request for a donation. Unan. agreed not to donate.


a) Playing Field. KB reported.

d) Cemetery Sub Committee. Book to KM.


An interim statement was scrutinised. A bank reconciliation was signed off by the Chairman.

a) Payments authorised and instructed for signature at the meeting:

i) Mrs M Knox – salary                                                  £265.05

ii) IS OK Designs – nl print Oct.                                 £66

iii)    FVHMC -rent Sept.                                               £14

b) Income received during the month:

iv) Arbortech – nl advert                                             £18

v) Mike Rogers Plumbing – nl advert                     £18


a) Chairman. Advised Councillors that he had encouraged the Clerk to use a mobile phone to contact him when an urgent reply was sought. Such pay as you go calls to be billed. Maintenance work on Langford Corner to be undertaken on 12th at 2pm. He would provide the Clerk with details of a person who could be asked to quote for the 2015/16 and /or 15/18 maintenance contract.

 b) Clerk. David Heath MP’s surgery 15 – 12 noon 8th November, phone for appointment 01373 473618. She had been asked by SSDC’s Revenues and Benefits Service if there is a public computer available for use in Fivehead. She had responded “No”.

c) Councillors. SS said the Revenue Service were looking at the problem of ways to locate those who had no computer access. The mobile library service in Fivehead will be effected by efficiencies detailed in a consultation found at somerset.gov.uk/libraryconsultation. The Clerk had alerted members to the issue but the detail had come too late for the November agenda.

 The meeting closed at 9.25pm

Chairman                   Dated

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