PC Minutes – June 2015


Minutes of a meeting of the Fivehead Parish Council 

held at the Village Hall, Stowey Road Fivehead

on Monday 1st June 2015 at 8pm.


Present: Mr M Cavill (Chairman); Mrs K  Beacham; Mrs N Cameron; Mrs L Howard;Mrs L Jull; C. Cllr. D Yeomans; District Cllr. S Steele; Mrs J Wardle (Clerk/RFO)
1.   Public participation No members of the public attended.
2387 2.   Apologies for absence3.   Apologies were received from Mr K Male and Mr J Westworth
2388 Approval of the minutes of the last Parish Council meetingThe minutes of the Parish Council meeting, previously circulated, held on 11 May 2015 were approved. Proposed MC and seconded NC. Carried unan.
2389 Declarations of Interest No members declared an interest in items on the agenda.
2390 Dispensations No dispensation requests were requested.
2391 Matters Arising From the Minutes (11 May 2015) and Raised By Membersa) Fivehead Friendly Society Banner – a grant for restoration of the banner is now being pursued through a different funder who next meets in Sep 15. Action: Clerk to note for Oct 15 meeting.b) Repairs to The Pound – no update; deferred until next meeting.c) Vehicles driving over pavement at Millers Orchard  / St. Martins Close junction – no reports of further incidents.d) Children playing in graveyard – no reports of further incidents. Action: MC to visit the Stable.e) Emergency Plan review and update – Action: MC to convene a meeting of the sub-committee in late Jun 15 to review the existing plan.f) Defibrillator – Council debated the geographical spread of the village; the availability of a First Responder within 10 minutes; the cost of equipment (£1k-£1.5k); and the requirement for a power supply and 12 trained volunteers to use the equipment. Resolution: not to pursue the purchase and installation of a defibrillator in the Fivehead at this time. Proposed NC and seconded LH. Carried. Action: Clerk to notify parishioner who had raised this matter of the Council’s decision.g) Heavy vehicles speeding on Butchers Hill – no reports of further incidents.
2392 Correspondence Receiveda) SALC and SSDC training courses available on various dates (Being a Good Councilor, Chairing Skills, Planning) – declined.b) RSN Rural Conference 2015 – 8/9 Sep 2015 – declined.c) From SCC re grants available to reduce risk of flooding  – no action.
2393 Reportsa) Playing Field – new Secretary appointed; b) Village Hall – nil; c) SALC – nil; d) Cemetery Sub Committee – book retained by JWe; e) Highways – MC invited to discuss any highways issues with SCC Assistant Highway Service Manager; f) Rights of Way – nil; g) Police – nil.
2394 PlanningNoted that no applications acknowledged or decisions issued on SSDC Weekly Planning Lists.
2395 Report of the Internal Auditora) MC read the report of the Internal Auditor (Mr G Balmer). It stated that the records provide a comprehensive and logical account of Council business, with cross referencing of minutes and financial transactions enabling easy tracking of the accounts and demonstrating that business is well conducted and accurately documented. Four issues were raised for Council’s attention as detailed in para b).Action: Clerk to write letter of thanks to Mr Balmer. b) The issues raised in the Internal Auditor’s Report were:(i) Incorrect reference in Standing Orders para 3t re rules for quorums. Resolution: to remove incorrect reference. Proposed MC and seconded KB. Carried unan.(ii) Incorrect ref in Financial Regulations para 12 re annual risk assessment. Resolution: to amend incorrect reference. Proposed MC and seconded KB. Carried unan.(iii) Financial Regulation 4: approval for, and recording of,  movement between budget headings and/or reserves. The auditor had noted that Council did not acknowledge and record that they had exceeded the budget under all of the headings, other than Affiliation Fees, and made no attempt to move unspent budget under other headings to offset the overspend despite reviewing the financial position of the council on a monthly basis. The Council recognized that they must exercise greater scrutiny of the monthly interim statement in future. Action: Clerk to amend interim statement to show 12-month actuals and forecast for all budget headings; and minutes to indicate if payments exceed allocation under a budget heading.  (iv) Financial regulation 2.2: inspection of the accounts and reporting to the council. The accounts had been inspected twice during the year; however, regulation also requires a review at the end of the financial year. These reviews should be reported to the council the month that each review takes place. Action: Clerk to schedule reviews and subsequent reports to the Council with Internal Audit member (LH).
2396 Clerk remunerationa) On the advice of SALC, the Clerk’s starting salary will be based on the national scale point 17 and be moved to point 18 on completion of 3 month’s satisfactory probation. Further advice will be sought on the payment of pro-rata Holiday Pay (May 15 Holiday Pay to be reimbursed following approval in Jul 15).b) Based on HMRC guidance (Section 316A), the Clerk will be reimbursed for costs incurred while working from home. Resolution: to reimburse the Clerk £18 per month for household expenses. Proposed MC and seconded KB. Carried unan.
2397 FinanceThe financial position of the Council was received. An interim statement was scrutinised. Two bank reconciliations were signed off by the Chairman.
a) Payments authorised during the previous month:
(i) AON Annual insurance £158.06
b) Payments authorised (within budget expenditure class unless indicated *):* Items (i) and (ii) currently within budget but Council noted potential overspend in this class (as a result of dual salary payment in May 15 during Clerk handover) and likely requirement to move funds from other budget class later in the financial year.
(i) M Knox(ii) J Wardle(iii) J Wardle(iv) J Wardle(v) M W Pettitt Salary (RFO) (May)Salary (Clerk) (exc Hol Pay) (May)Homeworking allowance (May)Expenses (office supplies) (May)Grass maintenance (May) £270.87*£270.87*£18£18.90£338.05
c) Income received during the month:
(i) A Graham(ii) Kev’s Cleaning(iii) Greenshutters Newsletter advertNewsletter advertNewsletter advert £18£18£36
d) Income received in April 2015 not previously recorded
(i) War grave Grant £40
2398 Matters of Report, Questions and Items for the Next Meetinga)  Chairman.(i) An offer had been received to take the role of Editor of the Parish Newsletter; however, the current editor is keen to maintain the role for the time being. The applicant has been informed and remains available should the need arise.(ii) The Chairman notified the Council that he has relinquished the tenancy on his farm wef end Aug 15. He and Sandra are currently looking at property to buy.b)  Clerk.(i) Highways inspected the potholes on the Isle Brewers Road last week. A full Highways inspection of Fivehead is to be conducted by Somerset County Council.(ii) The Clerk will work with the Fivehead Webmaster (Andrew Barrett) to ensure that all documentation to meet Transparency Code requirements is on the website by 1 Jul 15. A new website is nearing completion and Members are reminded to send updated biographies and photos to the Webmaster. Action: all Members.(iii) The following events were notified: Merryfield Air Station Open Evening -10 Jun 15; Social Media training event – 16 Jun 15; South Somerset Together AGM 8 Jul 15.(iv) The new Dog Bin is to be installed – Action: MC to co-ordinate

(v) Langford Corner needs to be tidied – Action: LH to co-ordinate.

(vi) Register of Member’s Interests sent to South Somerset District Council.

c)  Councilors

(i) Cars parked on grassy area at the top of Mile Hill. Action: MC to speak with owners.

Date of Next MeetingMonday 6 July 2015 at 8pm  The Village Hall, Stowey Road, Fivehead


The meeting closed at 9.05pm



                                                                        Chairman………………………..  Dated……………………

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