PC Minutes – July 2014


Minutes of a meeting of the Fivehead Parish Council 

held at the Village Hall, Stowey Road Fivehead

on Monday 7th July 2014 at 8pm.


Present   Mr M Cavill (Chairman)   Mrs K  Beacham   Mrs N Cameron Mrs L Howard      Mr K Male   Dist. Cllr. S Steele   C. Cllr. D Yeomans and Mrs M Knox (Clerk)



Apologieswere received from Cllrs. J Jull and J Westworth.



It was proposed KM sec. MC  to accept the minutes of the meeting, previously circulated, held on the 2nd June 2014.These were taken as a true record of what took place carried unanimously and duly signed by the Chairman. SS arrived during this item.



a) Fete attraction. MK had attended the fete committee meeting. It seems as if Council is no longer required to expand their stand. If absolutely necessary a treasure hunt could be devised otherwise  a three stage competition will be run.

b) Fivehead Friendly Society Banner. KM provided two letters dated 2007 which confirmed that Council was holding £500 in reserves for the restoration of the banner. MK to find a photographer. KB would investigate what the Heritage Centre holds about the banner. Internet flag replicating companies to be investigated.  It was agreed that the replica banner could be smaller than the original. Size not identified. KM & MC to be present when the banner is unfurled to be photographed and other member notified to enable attendance.

c) To approve Chairman’s reimbursement of Ex Gratia payment for the internal auditor, min 2267. It was prop. KM sec. NC that £100 be taken from reserves and put into miscellaneous. This was discussed, Resolved and carried unan. It was prop. NC sec. KM that £25 be taken from misc. to reimburse MC for the purchase. MC would provide the receipt for the next meeting. The cost had been slightly more than £25. Resolved, carried unan.

d) Overgrown roadside verges. Some had been cut during the day, others should follow. DY said SCC were only cutting A & B roads. SS said she thought SSDC were paying for the cutting of C roads.

e) Surface of Green Lane. The Ranger, Les Braunton, had undertaken to look at the lane in the first week of July. Only auto emails stating him to be out of the office had been received. The surface had not been cut whilst other scheduled paths had been, again there had been no reply to queries. Clerk to contact Pete Hobley head of ROW.

f) To note payment made for strimming course for Cllr. J Westworth as approved at  min 2248d. It was prop. NC  sec. KB To allocate this payment to Other Maintenance. Resolved, carried unan.

g) Surface of junction at Ganges Hill. There had been no response to two requests for information. DY had taken this up and said there is no budget for anything other than small remedial works.  The Clerk should receive an email from Highways soon.



a)  From Leader Scheme Manager re invitation to Somerset Levels and Moors consultationevent at Stuckey Room, Great Bow Wharf, Langport on Wed. July 23rd 6-7pm. Relates to item 5. SS advised attending. KM & LH would try to attend.

b) From Local Works re Empowering Parish councils to sell electricity, request to submit a proposal under the Sustainable Communities Act. (email sent.) No submission to be made.

c) From SSDC Community Health and Leisure and Western Gazette Media re Gold star Awards for volunteers. To propose a candidate if any. NC undertook to investigate her suggested candidate and put forward if suitable.

d) From Red Cross re request for a donation. Declined.

e) From South Somerset Together re invitation to AGMon 10th July 6 – 8.30pm at Council Offices Yeovil. MC might be able to attend.

f) From C. Cllr H Siggs re implications arising from electronic communication of Temporary Traffic Regulations. DY commented on the financial savings. Noted.


2276. CONSULTATION DOCUMENTS responses sought. Emailed links had been sent

Rural Housing Policy Review. SS said there were no current specific requests for housing in Fivehead.

Local Audit Consultation (via SALC).

Somerset Levels and Moors Local Action Group 2014 – 20:  Outcomes and Outputs for New Programme.

Proposals for the Discretionary Rate Relief Policy (SSDC). Clerk advised by SS to budget for paying rates but relief may still be implemented. None of the above would be responded to.



a) Playing Field. KB reported.

b) Village Hall. LH reported.

d) Cemetery Sub Committee. Mr Pettitt had been asked to spray the paths at the cemetery. Clerk asked book holder to ensure access to dog waste bin on Isle Abbotts Road is clear of brambles. Book to KB.

e) Highways. Sign at top of Butchers Hill needs straightening and vegetation cleared.

f) Rights of Way.  Paths to east of copse on L11/51 had not been cut a week ago.



Decision(granted s.t.c.): 14/01724/LBC Tudor Cottage Fivehead. Installation of bath, handbasin and wc in existing first floor boxroom (application to regularise work already carried out).



It was prop. MC sec. LH to adopt a revised version of Standing Orders based on those adopted at min 2229 in March 2014. These had been worked on by MC KB & MK subsequent to the Internal Auditor’s report ref min 2267 and had been circulated. MC explained that alterations had been made to points which related to procedures for obtaining a resolution  by adding working methods for “items listed on the agenda” where previously only “motions” were addressed. This would enable council to continue to work in a way that best suits their purpose. Some irrelevant  wording relating to committees had also been removed. Resolved to adopt, carried. unan.



Ian Clarke, SSDC, had kindly made some comments on Council’s draft as prepared by KB & MK. SS was thanked for arranging this. These latest, suggested amendments would be considered during the month by MC, KB & MK and a version of FR’s for approval would be circulated. Item for next agenda.



The financial position of the Council was received. An interim statement was scrutinised. Two bank reconciliations were signed off by the Chairman.

a)     Payments authorised during the previous month:

i)      Mr M Pettitt                               maint. May                                         £316.12

ii)     Blake Training Ltd.                     strimmer training for JW                    £72

b)     Payments authorised and instructed for signature at the meeting:

iii)    Mrs M Knox                                salary                                                  £265.05

iv)    Choice Stationery Supplies         nl print June                                        £66

v)     FVHMC                                        meetings, March, April                       £24

vi)    Heather Cook M&H Conservation          repoint war memorial                        £450

c)       Direct Debit

vii)  ICO                                              data protection                                   £35

d)      Income Received during the month:

viii)   Stones the Monumental Masons  Headstone re E.J. Wilde decd.         £79



a) Chairman. Thanked members for nominating him for the Garden Party at Buckingham Palace which he and Mrs Cavill had thoroughly enjoyed. He read out a letter from the webmaster regarding embracing social media. Item for next agenda.

b) Clerk. A planning application for removal of an agricultural tie on Spruces had been received too late for the agenda. Some further investigation would be undertaken to see if it was essential to hold an additional meeting to enable a response to be made within the timeframe set for comment. The arithmetic on Mr Pettitt’s bill had been incorrect in Council’s favour. MK had been unable to contact him but the matter would be resolved  next month.

c) Councillors.  SS said BT had put pressure on SSDC to provide £660K to enable the fast broadband scheme to be completed, funds having run out. SSDC had agreed in principle after long debate. There was no money in the budget for this so it would have to come from reserves. An intern has done an excellent job on Market Towns Initiatives which is available via iPad and mobile phones.


The meeting closed at 9.30pm

Chairman                        Dated

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