PC Minutes – January 2015


Minutes of a meeting of the Fivehead Parish Council 

held at the Village Hall, Stowey Road Fivehead

on Monday 5th January 2015 at 8pm. 

Present   Mr M Cavill (Chairman)   Mrs K  Beacham   Mrs L Jull   Mr K Male   Mr J Westworth    Dist. Cllr. S Steele   C. Cllr. D Yeomans   and Mrs M Knox (Clerk)



Apologies were received from Cllrs. N Cameron and L Howard.


It was proposed LJ sec. JW to accept the minutes of the meeting, previously circulated, held on the  2014.These were taken as a true record of what took place and duly signed by the Chairman. Carried unan.


a) Repairs to The Pound. Four quotes had been obtained and compared. Much debate ensued due to the high cost, in the region of £6K+, and concerns over what will be done with the adjacent land belonging to Miss E Wilde decd. JW said that the structure was not currently unsafe. There is no known ownership title to The Pound. To attempt to prove or acquire title via the Land Registry would incur expense (limited) and SCC had already advised it would be a difficult matter. It was considered debateable as to whether Council would actually want to have proven title with the uncertainty listed above. It was therefore agreed not to pursue title at this time and that it would be interesting to know how parishioners feel regarding the preservation of The Pound. Opinions could be sought via the newsletter or village email list. It was prop. LJ Sec. JW that the project of Renovating The Pound be deferred until there is clarity on the adjacent land usage. Resolved. Carried unan. Clerk to contact those who had quoted saying that due to a change of circumstances it is not possible to proceed at this time.

b) Replacement of the dog waste bin on the Isle Abbotts Road. Three quotes were presented. It was prop. KB sec. MC that the 40 litre bin from Bin Shop be purchased for £79.99 + VAT & p&p. funded from reserves. Resolved. Carried unan.

c) Maintenance Contract. Five quotes were received. Mr Pettitt’s was the lowest by a sizable margin. It was prop. JW sec. KB that the Maintenance Contract be awarded to Mr Pettitt. Resolved. Carried unan. Clerk to advise.


a) From South Somerset Citizens Advice Bureau re request for a donation. Clerk advised that the allocation for donations has been spent.

 b) From Mrs P Price re thanks for her honorarium. Noted.

 c) From Somerset Community Council re suggestion of booking an informative part day training session on IT matters. Clerk to pursue with Jill Wardle and the provider, Cosmic.

d) From Dave Grabham traffic engineer SCC re SID dates of 2015 – 6th April and 27th These were considered acceptable. If work on the A378 is scheduled for these times Mr Grabham has asked to be informed.

 e) From The Clerk re notification of her retirement when a replacement can be found. She is willing to work until July or leave with 28 days’ notice before that date as per contract. MC handed her a letter in response. Clerk left the room so debate on her gratuity could take place. Clerk re-joined the meeting. She was thanked for her long service. MC would take advice from SALC re the gratuity with ref. to min. 1097f of the 3rd April 2006.  Clerk and MC to draft a job application. It was prop. KB sec. MC that the resignation of the Clerk be accepted. Carried unan.

2330  CONSULTATION DOCUMENTS response sought.

Draft 2nd Rights of way Improvement Plan at www.somerset.gov.uk/rightsofway  ends 10th March 2015. The Clerk will be looking at this externally and will report any items of concern if asked.

Via SALC www.gov.uk/government/consultations/parish.polls ends Jan. 30th. KB will look at this.


a) Playing Field. KB said the Xmas Bingo had been very successful.

 e) Highways. Closure of Swell Lane from 16th for 5 days.


Three percentage scales prepared by the Clerk were scrutinised. It was prop. KM sec. KB that the Cemetery Charges be increased by 2%. Resolved. Carried. unan. Clerk to publicise via the Village Website.


2334  TO REVIEW THE CLERK’S SALARY re 2014 – 16 ( Note receipt of the National Salary Award.)

The hourly rate for scale 17 is increased to £9.029 from January 2015.Thirty paid hours per month is worked (min 2181). In addition a one off non -consolidated payment has to be made in February. The Clerk has  calculated this to be £18.75 but the workings require checking by a member/s of Council. MC may seek clarity on this from SALC. It was prop. MC sec. KB that the Clerk’s salary be increased to £270.87 and that a figure be agreed by the parties during the month for the one off payment be listed for payment on the February agenda. Resolved. Carried unan.

2335 TO SET THE BUDGET FOR 2014-15

To note: Section 137 set at £7.36 per elector. A notional budget set by the Clerk was considered in conjunction with information from SSDC which gave the figure of £610 as the Allocation of Grant from Central Government and the tax base as 257.78, up from 253.31in 2014/15.  The budget requirement was reached with regard to the financial support required by the FVHMC of £3K and the FPFMC of £2675, scrutiny of an Analysis of Reserves as prepared by the Clerk and a desire to hold the precept at a minimum workable figure despite concerns looking ahead. This budget has the effect of increasing the village percentage of band D equivalent charge by  8.15%.It was prop. MC sec.KM  that the budget be set at £13514 giving a precept of £12904. Resolved. Carried unan.


An interim statement was scrutinised. A bank reconciliation was signed off by the Chairman.

a) Payments authorised during the previous month:

i) Mrs P Price                              honorarium                            £200

ii) Mr M Pettitt                           Oct.                              £369.40

iii)  FVHMC                                    rent Nov.                                £14

 b) Payments authorised and instructed for signature at the meeting:

iv) Mrs M Knox                            salary                                      £265.05

v) iSOK Designs                           nl print Dec.                            £66

 c) Income received during the month:

vi) GKB Electrical                         nl advert                                 £36

vii) County Cleaning                     nl advert                                 £18

viii) Isle Valley Vets                       nl advert                                 £36

ix) T Irwin (Pet Shop & Karate)   nl advert                                 £36

x) Crown Inn                               nl advert                                 £36


a) Chairman. Water is hanging at the Cathanger Lane / Rock Road Junction. Clerk will report again. The RSPCA have been seen attending horses kept at Stillbrook Woodyard.

 b) Clerk. David Heath surgery 11.15 – 12 noon Langport. Ring 01373 473618 for an appointment. Advised of a New Transparency Code for parish councils with an annual turnover not exceeding £25K. The mobile shop will not be calling from January as there are still licence issues.

The meeting closed at 9.45pm.

Chairman                    Dated

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