PC Minutes – December 2014


Minutes of a meeting of the Fivehead Parish Council 

held at the Village Hall, Stowey Road Fivehead

on Monday 1st December  2014 at 8pm. 

Present   Mr M Cavill (Chairman)   Mrs N Cameron   Mrs L Howard      Mr K Male   Mr J Westworth    Dist. Cllr. S Steele   C. Cllr. D Yeomans (part)   Mrs M Knox (Clerk) and two members of the public (part).


Fly tipping on private land at Stillbrook Woodyard was reported. SSDC are aware but  can take no action.


Apologies were received from Cllrs. K Beacham & L. Jull. An interest was declared by Cllr. K Male re item 4c (min 2320c).


It was proposed LH sec. JW to accept the minutes of the meeting, previously circulated, held on the 3rd November 2014. These were taken as a true record of what took place and duly signed by the Chairman. Carried unan.


a) Friendly Society Banner. i) KM reported on the work to date of the four person committee. They are currently trying to obtain a grant and are considering having two banner copies made. Places to hang are undecided. Minutes of meetings would be posted on the website. MC said the committee should proceed unhindered. ii) Clerk requested qualification of the status of the sub-committee (min. 2303a). KM said £500, held in Reserves, was given to the PC to hold for the purpose of restoration of the banner so it was correct that the sub-committee is of the Parish Council.

b) Repairs to The Pound. To receive quotes. Three quotes were received. SS suggested Clerk obtain additional quotes from builders Lazell and Coombes to clarify the job. Clerk to action. Prop KM sec. JW, carried unan. Clerk is pursuing grants with no success to date. DY suggested she try Justin Sargent.

c) Damage to the dog waste bin on the Isle Abbotts Road. MC stated that the bin had been driven into and could not be repaired. Clerk had researched replacement prices. The Clerk to make the choice of bin and report to the next meeting. Resolved MC sec. KM, carried unan.

d) Running a First Aid Course. Townrow of Curry Mallet had used the same trainer as had Council in 2012. He suggested a joint training session at a cost per person. As no councillors showed any interest in being trained the matter was dropped. JW has a certificate in his own right.

e) Proposed works on A378. i) Council’s points had been responded to. The scheme would proceed as per the plans but there would now be a 40mph buffer zone starting at the easterly Fivehead sign. It was suggested that Council ask DY for grant funding towards a northerly bus layby when he has applicable funding available, this being too expensive to include in the existing scheme. There would be no change to the crossing point between the bus stops. ii) Receipt of a letter from Top Road residents requesting an officer attend a public consultation meeting. DY said that the plan had gone through the Traffic Regulation process and would not be changed. Clerk to respond accordingly.

f) Maintenance Contract. Only one quote had been received. Three or four others were awaited. Item for next agenda.

g) Newsletter – to agree the honorarium for the editor and raise a cheque. After a short debate the figure agreed was £200. Resolved KM sec. JW, carried unan. Clerk to write expressing thanks and the hope that Mrs Price would continue in the post. A cheque was raised. DY left the meeting.


a) From SSDC re receipt of Budget setting forms and estimate for contested election of £350. Noted. Item for next agenda.

b) From Mr T Rowland re reported industrial noise. No complaints had been received from other residents. MC had visited the works to seek clarification. The generator is fully silenced in the approved manner to enable them to work as they do within working hours and every effort is made to keep within these hours. Clerk to write to Mr Rowland detailing above and saying Council is unable to pursue the matter.

c) From the Farley family re disputed access to Jefferies Cottage. KM, having declared an interest, left the room. Council expressed heartfelt sympathy for the situation the family has found itself in following the death of their elderly relative. Jefferies Cottage has only footpath access which has necessitated taking it off the market. There are ongoing access disputes which is not a Council matter but a legal issue. SS suggested the parties find a mediator. Footpaths are Council business. Clerk confirmed that the definitive footpath L11/7 is undisturbed although L11/8 could be. Council to advise KM that it appears a short section of the little used L11/8 should be rolled. The Chairman allowed two relatives to speak during this item. They left at the conclusion and KM re-joined the meeting. He said the line of L11/8 was not compromised.

d) From Mr S Hunter (Chair of the SS CSW Group and a parishioner) re call for volunteers to man a Speedwatch scheme which he feels would help to implement the new speed restrictions on the A378. He stated that there will be little if any Police enforcement but Speed Watch does have access to the Speed Enforcement Unit. He and other Top Road residents are unhappy because they were not fully consulted on the new scheme. This is commented on under 2319e . He asked for support to restart Speedwatch. None of those present felt able to commit. Clerk would address the matter fully in the February newsletter and reply to his letter.

2321. CONSULTATION DOCUMENTS response sought.

www.somerset.gov.uk/libraryconsultation  To note the proposal to merge Fivehead’s mobile stops into one.

NC suggested the one site be at St Martins Close. Unan. agreed. Clerk would suggest this to library services.

www.somerset.gov.uk/bussurvey  This did not directly affect Fivehead.


a) Playing Field. Via KB, plaque not yet installed, Bingo on Dec. 13th.

d) Cemetery Sub Committee. Book with KM.

e) Highways. Repair scheduled on Rock Road re collapsing verge.


Decisions s.t.c. : 14/03398/FUL Extension to existing car park to provide additional 8 parking spaces and a bike rack. Land OS 0001  Swell Wood Langport Road. Council had objected. SS expressed her displeasure with SSDC at not being part of the decision making process. KM asked to inspect the terms and conditions.

14/03835/FUL The erection of a dwelling. Land at Ganges Hill Fivehead.


An interim statement was scrutinised. A bank reconciliation was signed off by the Chairman.

a) Payments authorised during the previous month:

i) Fivehead Village Hall MC                        Rent October (part ch.1621)                £14

b) Payments authorised and instructed for signature at the meeting:

ii) Mrs M Knox                                              Salary                                                      £265.05

c) Income received during the month:

iii)  NATWEST                                              Interest                                                    £3.56


a) Chairman. Had spoken to and was well received by the Managing Director of Matravers Engineering regarding reducing the threat posed by potential speeding traffic. MC had received a supportive note and copy of a notice to be displayed on site.

b) Clerk. Launch of mobile shop postponed due to delay in processing licence. No changes to waste collections over the Christmas period. David Heath MP surgery 13th 11.15 – 12 noon. One coloured copy of SCC’s Guide to Winter Services had been received.

c) Councillors. SS suggested DY be asked if he has money for small works. If so the corner on the Fivehead side of the road at Two Bridges needs investigating.

The meeting closed at 9.35pm

 Chairman                     Dated

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