PC Minutes – April 2015


Minutes of a meeting of the Fivehead Parish Council

held at the Village Hall, Stowey Road Fivehead

on Monday 13th April 2015 at 8.pm

Present   Mr M Cavill (Chairman)   Mrs K  Beacham   Mrs L Jull   Mrs L Howard    Mr K Male   C. Cllr. D Yeomans   Mrs M Knox (Clerk) and one member of the public.



Apologies were received from Cllrs. N Cameron, J Westworth and Dist. Cllr. S Steele.


It was proposed KB sec. LH to accept the minutes of the meeting, previously circulated, held on the 2nd March 2015.These were taken as a true record of what took place and duly signed by the Chairman. Carried unan.


a) Change of Clerkship. i) MC, KB & JWa would meet on April 22nd to amend the NALC contract of employment as required to make it fit for purpose. ii) Handover arrangements during May to be agreed between JWa and MK.

b) Fivehead Friendly Society Banner. KM reported on progress to date. It was hoped that total funding could be obtained from the Cloth Workers Company if not it was probable that SSDC would be supportive. The latter confirmed following enquiries made by DY & MK.

c) Attendance at i) Water Management Meeting, SSDC. Two places booked are booked. The meeting has been postponed until after the elections. ii) Audit seminar, Grant Thornton, at Exeter. One place had been booked but the Clerk was asked to cancel it due to her impending retirement and no one else being available to attend. A request to be made for any literature to be sent.

d) Repairs to The Pound Cllrs Cavill, Male & Westworth who had not met. Deferred to next meeting.

e) Vehicles driving over pavement at Millers Orchard / St. Martins Close junction. There had been no response to the email enquiry to Bakers Dolphin. Subsequently, by phone, Bakers Dolphin had verbally denied their drivers cross the pavement. LJ handed the Clerk a log of incidents she had witnessed subsequent to the phone call. Clerk to pursue.

f) To consider reviewing the Emergency Plan MC agreed that it was time this should be reviewed. Item for next agenda under appointments.

g) Newsletter. (Late item raised on the night.) A letter was handed to KB before the meeting. Although the content was unofficially known it was not until after the agenda was posted. Mrs Price is unable to continue in her position as newsletter editor due to ongoing ill health. Council expressed their great appreciation for all her work and extended their sympathy to her. Debate ensued. Clerk to create a poster asking for a volunteer to take on the magazine and ask the webmaster to add it to the website.


a) From SSDC re invitation to attend a Leisure, Play and Youth Strategy Consultation Event at 7pm on 30th April at Guildhall Chard. KB said there was a request from the FPFMC for someone to attend to represent the Parish Council. LJ will attend accompanying Mr F. Doggett. DY left the meeting.

b) From Mr P Wilson re observed activity at Stillbrook Woodyard and use of water. MC had responded during the month. It was agreed to keep an eye on the site especially regarding the use of water from the cemetery.

c) From Plantlife UK re National Plant Monitoring Scheme (detail emailed). There is no sector including Fivehead. Noted.

d) From Martyn Evans (new contact for the scheme) Transport and Programmes Group Officer SCC re speed limit on A378. The speed limit will extend 80 metres west from the junction at the top of Mile Hill where SCC refer to Church Road but Council knows the road as Rock Road or Top Road. The name was queried but confirmed.

e) From online advice services re monthly best practice guide to Community Development, free. Clerk to register for it if still available.

f) From Community Catalysts re support for those who want to make a difference for those supporting older people (detail emailed). Noted.

g) From St Johns Ambulance Service re request for a donation. It was unanimously agreed not to donate.

h) From BT re Adopt a Kiosk. After discussion it was decided to place this item on the APM agenda. A possible use would be to house a defibrillator.

(ii)  From SSDC re Business Rates Discretionary Relief Policy Review. There will be no charge levied for 2015 -16. Details re 2016-17 will be received later in the year.

j) From SLCC re invitation to Roadshow cost £99 + VAT, alternative cost possible, at Salisbury racecourse 1st Council and JWa considered SALC training was sufficient at this time.


a) Playing Field. KB reported.

b) Village Hall. LH reported.

d) Cemetery Sub Committee. Book to KB.

e) Highways. Many potholes have been marked up.

f) Rights of Way. Signpost at the top of L11/11 to be replaced by SCC contractor.

g) Police. Email contact made by PCSO Malissa Thompson asking if all is well.

h) Clerk. SSDC Local Plan 2006 – 2028 has been adopted. Library Consultation has logged Council’s comments re best site being St Martin’s Close. The stops are to be merged in August. Details to be given when the route for the mobile library has been produced. 608 bus service to be withdrawn from the 21st May 2015 and replaced by a demand response service.


Granted (s.t.c.) 14/05630/FUL 1-12 and 14-22 St. Martins Close. Installation of external wall insulation and change of external finishes. Weekly lists – blank.


Refreshments. KM would provide the milk and MC the biscuits. It was prop. KB sec. LH that a cheque be raised for £25 in respect of the talk charge and travel expenses of the speaker, Mr Hoyland. Resolved. Carried unan.


Copies were provided, hard and /or emailed prior to the meeting, for approval at the May meeting.


The financial position of the Council was received. The end of year statement was scrutinised. Two bank reconciliations were signed off by the Chairman. The Annual Accounts were received for circulation. LH has inspected the accounts twice during this financial year, finding no anomalies.

a) Payments authorised during the previous month:

i) MJ Cavill                                                                  chairman’s expenses                             £50

ii) N Cameron                                                             travel expenses                                       £27

iii)    Mrs M Knox                                                        use of h.a.o & 2/3 bb costs                £400

 b) Payments authorised and instructed for signature at the meeting:

iv) Mrs M Knox                                                           salary                                                      £270.87

v) FVHMC                                                                     rent February & March x2                  £42

vi) Mr P Hoyland                                                        APM speaker & travel fee                    £25

 c) Income received during the month:

vii)   HMRC                                                                    vat refund                                                  £53.80

viii)  NATWEST                                                             interest Dec Jan & Feb combined  £3.18

ix) S Minty                                                                    nl advert                                                     £18

x) Woodlouse Conservation Ltd.                           nl advert                                                      £18

xi) WCI Sewage Treatment Ltd.                             advert                                                           £18


c) Councillors KB said the 54 bus service is being reduced back to 1 per hour. She handed the Clerk the timetable.

The meeting closed at 9.20pm

 Chairman                      Dated

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