PC Annual Meeting Agenda – May 2015





Ganges Hill



01460 281902




Monday 11 May 2015 at 8.00 pm

The Village Hall, Stowey Road Fivehead     

      All Members are summoned to attend the above meeting.

Members of the public and the press are welcome to attend but are reminded that question/comment time is limited to 3 minutes per person.

        Jill Wardle     Clerk to the Council           6 May 2015



  1. Election of chairman


  1. To receive the chairman’s declaration of acceptance of office


  1. Election of vice-chairman


  1. Public participation

Members of the public may raise any matter relating to items on the agenda here.


  1. Apologies for absence


  1. Minutes

 To approve the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 13 April 2015.


  1. Declarations of Interest

a) Distribution of Register of Members’ Interests forms.

b) Members should declare any interest in items on the agenda here.


  1. Dispensations

To receive and consider granting dispensation requests.


  1. To appoint members of the following bodies:

a) Playing Field; b) Village Hall; c) SALC; d) Cemetery Sub Committee; e) Highways; f) Rights of Way; g) Internal Auditor; h) Staffing Panel (3); j) Parish Paths Liaison Officer; k) Environment Warden; l) Tree Warden; m) Emergency Plan Sub Committee; n) any others required.


  1. To minute:

a) To re-adopt Standing Orders revised version as adopted on 7 July 2014 (2279) and the Financial Regulations (2290).

b) To reaffirm the appointment of the Responsible Financial Officer.

c) To affirm the appointment of Mr G Balmer as the Internal Auditor for the 2014/15 accounts.

d) To reaffirm the implementation of legislation relating to Equal Opportunities, Crime and Disorder, Freedom of Information Act, Health and Safety and Human Rights.

e) To re-adopt the following Policies: The Press (1806), The Social Media (2352), Audio/Visual Recording and Photography at Council Meetings (2353).

f) To re-adopt the mandatory Model Code of Conduct as it is applicable to Parish Councils (2070).

g) To re-adopt the Terms of Reference of the Internal Audit (1235).

h) To re-adopt Scheme for the payment of Councillors Allowance (811 & 1996g).

i) To re-adopt the NALC Model Complaints Procedure (2230).


  1. Matters Arising From the Minutes (13 April 2015) and Raised By Member

a) Change of Clerkship i) Contract of Employment. ii) Arrangements during unavailability.

b) Fivehead Friendly Society Banner.

c) Repairs to The Pound.

d) Vehicles driving over pavement at Millers Orchard / St. Martins Close junction.

e) Children playing in graveyard.

f) Emergency Plan – appointment to committee at item 9.


  1. Matters Arising From the Annual Parish Meeting (21 April 2015)

a) Installation of defibrillator at telephone kiosk.

b) Heavy vehicles speeding on Butchers Hill.

  1. Correspondence Received

a) From SCC re: i) A378 Langport Road and Top Road (Fivehead) (Revocation and 30 mph Speed Limit) Order 2015; ii) latest Speed Indicator Device (SID) reports (copies emailed 6 May 15)

b) From Somerset Towns Forum Bulletin re: event ‘Our Place programme’ Martock, 20 May 2015 1500-1730 (arrive from 1430 for sign-in and refreshments) (copy emailed 6 May 2015)

c) From SCC re: the Care Act 2014 (copy emailed 6 May 2015)


  1. Reports

a) Playing Field; b) Village Hall; c) SALC;  d) Cemetery Sub Committee;  e) Highways;  f) Rights of Way;  g) Police.


  1. Planning

a) To consider Application No: 15/01486/FUL Windy Ridge, Butchers Hill, Fivehead. Erection of four bedroom dwelling and change of use of agricultural land to residential curtilage.

b) To note Decision granted (STC): 15/01167/PDE The Spinney, Langport Road, Fivehead. Proposed larger home extension.


  1. Insurance Policy

To consider the renewal of the policy and long term agreement and to raise a cheque.


  1. Review the Effectiveness of the Internal Control System for 2014/15

To agree review arrangements.


  1. Risk Assessment and Management of Risk

 To approve the paper previously circulated.


  1. PAYE

To record completion of the RTI end of year summary.


  1. Annual Accounts for 2014/15

To approve the Annual Accounts for 2014/15 previously circulated.


  1. Annual Return for 2014/15

To complete the Annual Return for 2014/15


  1. Finance

To receive the financial position of the Council.

  1. a) Payments authorised during the previous month:



  1. b) Payments to be authorised:

Mrs M Knox                            salary                                           £270.87

Mrs M Knox                            expenses to close                   £26.48

FVHMC                                    grant 2015/16                          £3000

FVHMC                                    rent (inc APM) Apr 15           £35

FPFMC                                     grant 2015/6                            £2675

iSOK Designs                         newsletter print Apr 15        £71

SALC                                         annual fee 2015/16                 £163.91

M W Pettitt                             grass maintenance                 £315.80


c) Income received during the month:

SSDC                                         precept & grant                        £13514

Fine Memorials                    re R.E.J. Yarde                          £80

Sheila Land                             newsletter advert                    £36

NatWest                                   interest (Mar 15)                     £1.07


  1. Matters of Report, Questions and Items for the Next Meeting

a)  Chairman

b)  Clerk – Audit notice has been posted. Changes to Slinky Bus Service.

c)  Councillors


  1. Date of Next Meeting


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