High Speed Broadband – availability


Our Parish Clerk, Jill Wardle, wrote to the team responsible for the installation of high speed broadband, asking when we can reasonably expect the service to be available, bearing in mind the dates on the CDS website (May and October 2015). Sadly the news is not good. The reply she received is as below:
“Freya Hall has asked me to take a look at your broadband enquiry.  There are no problems with BT and the dates given on the website will not in any way be affected by CDS deciding not to award the phase 2 contract to them.  CDS and BT are still working closely together as partners to deliver the phase 1 contract.
Having said that, there have been numerous issues getting the fibre spine out to the Isle Brewers cabinets and exchange.  There are currently 12 blockages in the route and BT are using some innovative techniques to try and overcome the issues.  At this time I can’t give a concrete activation date as until the work begins it is difficult to know the extent of the problem, however I don’t believe that either cabinet will be live by October.  I suspect that the cabinets will go live by the end of the year, but keep an eye on the website and Twitter for updates and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.”
Our webmaster will continue to monitor Twitter and keep you informed.



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