Footbridge Refurbishment

Maintenance to the footbridge crossing Fivehead River, near Isle Abbotts is planned by Somerset County Council. 

The footbridge connects public footpaths L 14/7 (Isle Abbotts Parish with L 11/2 (Fivehead Parish), please see the attached location plan.  The maintenance will include galvanising the steel elements of the footbridge, installing new concrete stepped pads, carrying out maintenance on the old stone abutments to prevent bank erosion, replacing all timber elements and installing self-closing metal gates at both ends of the footbridge. The footpath will be closed during the work from the point where L 14/7 splits south of the bridge to its junction with L 11/2, north of the bridge. Notices will be displayed on site shortly informing people of the works.

PDF    Location map for footbridge crossing Fivehead River


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