Cemetery Charges


                                                                                                             Parishioner                  Non-parishioner

Main cemetery

To purchase a plot for burial                                                           £168                                   £336

Interment in purchased plot                                                           £132                                    £264

To place cremated ashes in an existing grave                           £127                                     £254

To erect a headstone                                                                         £90                                      £180

To place a second or subsequent inscription                              £32                                      £64

To place a vase                                                                                   £90                                     £180


Garden of remembrance

Interment of ashes                                                                              £127                            £254

To place a stone tablet/plaque on the interred ashes                £90                              £180


Conditions relating to burial in Fivehead Cemetery

  1. A deceased person who moved from the parish directly to a nursing or residential home and who died there or in a hospital shall be deemed a parishioner.
  2. Fees are reduced by 50% for a deceased child of up to the age of twelve.
  3. Graves will be dug double in depth on a single plot and are to be centred four feet (122cm) from the centre of the adjacent grave. Grave spaces will be allocated in principle with a policy of in- filling from the front. Exceptions may be made with regard to family plots established over generations, at the discretion of the Parish Council.
  4. Grave spaces are to be 7ft. 6inches (229cm) in length.
  5. Headstones are to have a maximum height of 2ft 6inches (76.5cm) and are to be placed within the curtilage of the grave in line with adjacent gravestones. The ID (e.g. initials and or post code) of the stonemason and the reference number of the plot are to be included on the reverse of the stone. Headstones are to be fixed using the approved NAMM fixing system (either a ground anchor and/or a shoe with a bolt).
  6. A vase is to be placed in line with existing or potential headstones in the relevant row.
  7. There is to be no kerbing of graves.
  8. Tablets or plaques in the Garden of Remembrance are to measure 15inches by 15 inches 38cm x 38cm) and be laid flat.
  9. Details of the holder of the Right to erect a Memorial are to be supplied to the Clerk. The same shall be kept in a register. Problems with memorial security will then be initially referred to the registered holder.

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